Blount Fine Foods


Todd Blount, President
I am a steward of this wonderful business that my family has built over five generations. I honor this legacy by continuing to improve Blount Fine Foods. My vision for achieving that worthy goal is by bringing on the best people to work in a state-of-the-art environment to make delicious, gourmet-quality foods. Add to that a relentless commitment to innovation and product development, a customer-first collaborative approach to sales and service, and a commitment to supporting the communities in which we do business. I'm proud to say we at Blount act on this vision daily.

Jonathan Arena, Vice President of Operations
I lead the best team in the business to make the best tasting foods from the best ingredients as consistently and efficiently as possible. Blount success is due in large measure to our devotion to sourcing the best ingredients prepared and processed in state-of-the-art facilities. We are a valuable partner because we never settle.

Bob Sewall, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Partnership has made Blount Fine Foods the company that it is. Blount's collaborative, attentive team is committed to being better, faster and more effective than anyone else in the business. One secret to Blount product and organizational quality is that we deal squarely with our customers and work together for success. Whether collaborating on a new product or following through on program commitments and service, we always put the customer first.

William Bigelow, Vice President of Research & Business Development
My title is Vice President of Research & Business Development, but it should probably be vice president of business innovation. Innovation drives us and differentiates Blount from competitors. Innovation results in better products and programs, and stronger relationships with our customers. My job is to foster the kind of innovation that leads to products that people love and programs that enable customer success.

Todd Brown - VP of Quality
William Bigelow - VP R&D/Business Development
Jonathan Arena - VP of Operations
Todd Blount - President
Michael Mistrot - Chief Financial Officer
Bob Sewall - VP of Sales & Marketing

Todd Brown, Vice President of Quality
As a quality assurance professional, my goal is to make sure that processes and products consistently meet Blount's high standards. Our premium foods are processed with sophisticated production systems, not only to assure food safety, but also to deliver a consistent gourmet experience, where nutritional value and all the nuances of flavor are retained. Assuring this end result is the most exciting part of my job.

Michael Mistrot, CFO
Blount has grown tremendously – and looks ahead to a future of unlimited growth. Having the opportunity to lead such a dynamic company's financial operations, including the strategic planning required for growth and profitability, is very rewarding.