Blount Fine Foods


6 Blount values that help you prosper

Work as a team – Team Blount is comprised of great people with a shared vision working together with purpose. You’ll benefit from our culture where great food, customer service and collaboration come together.

Be trustworthy – Our customers rely on us to come through for them. That’s something we take seriously and execute every day.

Innovate – Blount’s culinary and manufacturing leadership is achieved by being forward looking. Our fresh ideas help our customers stay ahead of food, cultural and sustainability trends. Proof of Blount innovation is found in a decades-long track record of introducing industry-first food and processing advancements.

Stay a seafood leader – Blount’s long history in seafood production and sourcing (including our own clam fishing rights) assures you of the best seafood products at the best price.

Use the finest and freshest ingredients – Consumers appreciate the fact that our foods are free of chemicals, artificial colorings, additives or preservatives, and that they are minimally processed. Blount foods need no sodium phosphate or trans-fat oils for fantastic flavor.

Practice environmental stewardship – Blount is committed to responsible and sustainable environmental practices, energy efficiency policies and the development of effective eco-standards. For example, our proactive sustainability actions today help ensure seafood supplies for future generations. Responsible consumers can buy confidently from Blount.